Thursday, July 21, 2005

Chandra Green speaks to Writers Guild

Because I always enjoyed her column some years back in the Southern Illinoisan, I was looking forward to hearing Chandra Green tonight at Southern Illinois Writers Guild. Her daughter and business partner Dallus was also to come, but was called into work at the Dongola paper, where she is also employed part time.

Chandra and Dalus started Heartland Women with an idea that evolved from their kitchen table, and now nine months later, they have a full-term infant on their hands--nine monthly issues to their credit. And they have a viable business. They pay writers and give away the paper free. Amazing! And exciting. And inspiring.

Would you believe? Loretta went with me to Guild, and as we rode over to John A. Logan together, she told of yet another bycyling couple pulling off the highway desperately needing water! We had weather advisories out today telling all of us to stay inside it was so hot out. And here they were riding bikes. This couple started in North Carolina and were going to Oregon. They cooled off, got drinks, and used the computers to check their emails. I am glad our library tax dollars are blessing the bikers traveling by Crab Orchard. And I am glad I get to hear their interesting stories from Loretta!

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