Friday, July 15, 2005

Busy Summertime

Well, I could not blog last night because I was busy freezing the tub full of sweet corn that Gerald picked from Scott's field. He also picked and took some to the soup kitchen. Gerald had my corn all shucked and ends cut off. All I had to do was wash and brush off the multitude of "hair," blanch it, cool it, and put in plastic bags to freeze for next winter's family gatherings and holidays and probably a church potluck or so.

In fact, I may not blog much for awhile. We will see how it goes. My daughter's family just arrived--very very tired from moving almost everything out of their house for remodeling and then going to the VBS commencement at their church. But they are here and tucking themselves in for what I hope is a good night's sleep.

Southern Force is still involved with pool play. They lost their first game last night and won their second game 7-0. They are playing two more pool play games tonight right now since California is two hours earlier than we are.

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